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July 2017

SESMA Member Spotlight: Bialek’s Music

July 26, 2017sesmadminNews0

39th Anniversary

The first time I was fired was by Washington Talent Agency, January 10th, 1975. The second time was July 10th, 1978 by Barry Rick Associates. Thirty nine years and over sixty thousand events booked later, I can say, “Happy 39th Birthday, Bialek’s Music”, and to the bosses that fired me, “May they rest in peace, BIG MISTAKE.”

It all started the next day, July 11th, 1978 at the tender age of 24, as I was equipped with a two-line phone, a one thousand dollar state of the art video cassette player, audio cassettes, a few band pictures (DJ’s weren’t invented yet!), a ping pong table for a desk, and tons of office supplies as my daddy was in the business. Fax machines, computers and the internet were years away. I was still playing drums in the band, Confection, so I wasn’t going to starve.

I need to thank my family, co-workers (even the ones that quit or I let go), and all of my industry associates, for being there for me all these years. I have made lasting friendships with musicians, catering managers, photographers, florists, DJ’s, videographers, and event planners. They have voted Bialek’s Music the most popular agency in the area, in Washingtonian Magazine, for twenty years in a row and I am forever grateful.

Our company awards include: Affiliate of the year from NACE, and the Presidential and Lifetime Achievements award from the International Special Events Society. I am now a proud Sesma Board Member working on membership. I have seen our industry grow into a powerhouse in the DC/Baltimore area, and I look forward to the next thirty nine years :) (or maybe ten, plus the other twenty-nine sitting on a beach eating bon-bons!)

I may have lost my hair, some eyesight, some hearing, and my youth, but the friends & experience are priceless.

To sum it all up; I did it my way and I believe it worked!

Here are the current staff members of Bialek’s Music and why they just love it here. Thank you so much Washington area and cheers to you!

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